Constructor LMS Release 96

Created by Violeta Petkova, Modified on Thu, 01 Feb 2024 at 06:23 PM by Violeta Petkova



This release was mostly devoted to preparing for the delivery of Certificate management in the upcoming releases and fixing bugs.

Improvements and fixes


If learner hasn’t been enrolled to any course or program, and there is nothing to show on the My courses page, we show an explanation why nothing is shown and a button with a link to the Catalog so that learner can visit the Catalog and choose courses and programs to enroll to. If the Catalog is not enabled in the selected tenant, we show the explanation on the My Courses page why learner can’t see anything there.


  • We've updated the process for uploading videos to Vimeo to fix some issues when they get stuck or not being processed on the Vimeo side
  • STEM is now working on custom domains
  • Instructors can now add a collection to an objective
  • Multi-level lists were fixed in Media block editor and are displayed correctly now
  • Non-mandatory enrollments are no more shown in reports. Deleted enrollments are no more shown in “Finished” column
  • Transfer to another team is now working in Content libraries
  • Fixed an issue when some proctored quizzes were stuck in the “in progress” state even if proctoring has a final result already
  • Navigation between LTI activity and the course is improved, so that correct TOC item is highlighted when returning back to the course content
  • Navigation through categories in Content library is fixed: now user can navigate back to the correct folder using the breadcrumbs instead of being navigated to the root folder always
  • Instead of showing the “last attempt” on the tile / about the course page / Table of content item, the “best attempt result” is shown.

Known issues

  • A new toggle cannot be created within a toggle.
  • When changing any toggled item in Media block, undo can be done
  • New members cannot be added to a newly created team without refreshing the screen.
  • The date and time selector sometimes does not fit on the screen in Reports.
  • When signing out from Avatar, a user is not signed out from LMS.
  • External links to cover images cannot be edited.
  • When zooming in using the mouse wheel or touch bar in the PDF viewer, the first page of the file is shown; the zoom value cannot be changed manually.
  • SCORMs cannot be archived
  • Error 401 occurs after an upload of a SCORM package is canceled and the second upload attempt is initiated. The page refresh is necessary to initiate the upload.
  • Settings applied for a specific SCORM version are not appropriately distinguished.
  • The “Not found” text is displayed when a learner attempts to start a quiz with a due date in the past.
  • Text is incorrectly wrapped in tables in rich text.
  • The Customize Default View setting does not apply to the Collections filter.

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