Constructor LMS Release 95

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We have introduced a number of new features and improvements to existing ones:
  •      Closing and rolling back learners’ attempts
  •      Improvements to Assessment module
  •      New formatting options for texts

Closing and rolling back learners’ attempts

Instructors can close specific unfinished attempts to complete an assignment, particularly when these attempts prevent the assignment from reaching completion and moving to the Finished state. They also can reset an assignment, reverting it to its original state and allowing learners to start afresh without using the previous attempt. Interactive components do not support revoke feature.

Improvements and fixes


Assessments section

Assessments section now have a choice to show unique data for all users, or to show data related to groups or units user belongs to, so to be able to use filtration by secondary unit or groups. If Instructors would like to see all activities users have taken in some groups or units, they can choose an appropriate option and use grouping in the grid. The default option is to show only primary unit for users and to filter out duplicates in case user belongs to more than 1 group or unit.

New text formatting options

Authors, when creating new texts in Rich text editor in Media Blocks, can use several new tools:
  •     Toggle option, so that part of the text can be hidden under a toggle switch.
  •     Text color, so that color for text can be set using palette or previous used color button.
  •     Text case can be chosen: all caps or all lower case, case toggle is also possible.
  •     Anchors can be added to headers for quick navigation within long texts or even within different media blocks or compositions.


  • 500 error in reports when grouping items is fixed

  • Fixed a case, when looking for a course after having selected a collection, courses that did not belong to a selected collection were not searched.   
  • Some text overlapping in Profile view in mobile view was fixed    
  • Improved the way how undo is working on non-latin keyboard layouts
  • Cover images are not removed any more in compositions when updating the status

Known issues

  •     A new toggle cannot be created within toggle
  •     Sometimes after uploading a video to the Vimeo library, it is stuck and is not processed.
  •     New members cannot be added to a newly created team without refreshing the screen.
  •     The date and time selector sometimes does not fit on the screen in Reports.
  •     When signing out from Avatar, a user is not signed out from LMS.
  •     The external link to a cover image cannot be edited.
  •     When zooming in using the mouse wheel or touch bar in the PDF viewer, the first page of the file is shown; the zoom value cannot be changed manually.
  •     SCORMs cannot be archived
  •     SCORM: 401 error occurs after the upload is canceled and the 2nd upload attempt is initiated. The page refresh is necessary to initiate the upload
  •     Settings applied for a certain SCORM version are not distinguished accordingly
  •     Not found" text is displayed if Learner tries to start a quiz with due date in the past
  •     Text is incorrectly wrapped in tables in rich text
  • Customize Default View doesn't applies to Collections filter

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