Constructor LMS Release 91

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We have introduced a number of new features and improvements to existing ones:
·         Set your time zone in the profile

What’s new

Configure time zones for notification

Users can now select a time zone in their profile in accordance with which they will receive email notifications or other time-sensitive notifications so that they never miss a class, a lecture, a deadline or an exam.

Improvements and fixes


We have updated our Rich text editor to the most recent version to increase stability, improve copy & paste and streamline overall UI look and feel:

·         The Toolbox became vertical.

·         The Plus button will always be shown.

·         The Toolbox will restore the internal scroll on every opening.

·         The issue with scroll jumping on block hovering have fixed.

·         Issue with toolbox preventing text selection fixed.

·         Keyboard selection by word improved.

·         New toolbox icons introduced.

·         Pressing "Enter" at the end of a Block will just add a new block.

·         Resolved a problem where the document would scroll to the beginning after moving a block above the viewport.

·         The Delete keydown at the end of the Block will now work opposite a Backspace at the start. Next Block will be removed (if empty) or merged with the current one.

·         The Delete keydown will work like a Backspace when several Blocks are selected.

·         If we have two empty Blocks, and press Backspace at the start of the second one, the previous will be removed instead of the current.

·         Tools shortcuts could be used to convert one Block to another.

·         Performance optimizations: initialization speed increased, Big documents will be displayed faster.

Response time improvements

We have increased the response speed of pages reloading and other operations of the system.

Email notification templates

We have introduced a new way to store and process email templates for notifications, so now each tenant can have personalized and branded notification templates.


·         No 500 error when accessing Content libraries anymore.

·         Completed course now correctly open the “About the course” page with results.

·         Introduced name validation for domains and topics.

·         Errors with uploading cover images were fixed.

·         An issue when Vimeo activities were not shown as “active” activities in the Table of content bug was fixed.

·         Streamlined the “available from / to” logic was fixed — now learner can continue / review the course that was started in the past and the availability date is also in the past.

·         Score is now displayed as % in Assessments.

·         Navigation in the Content Category is fixed — now Content creators are navigated back to the current category, not the to the root when opening / editing content elements.

·         When editing the composition, content libraries don’t disappear when selecting a Content category inside.

·         Page was not scrolled up when moving to the next session in the course or a program.

·         SCORM (Interactive components) compatibility options defaults were fixed.

·         If a composition has several attempts and learner presses the “finish” option, they arу now forwarded to the “About the course” page with results.

·         When impersonation is used, it is correctly saved in the audit log.

·         If the user opens the course from My courses, the first unfinished section is shown.

·         Improved breadcrumb navigation for courses (Programs now correctly show the address of the About the course page) and in content libraries.

Known issues and limitations

·         Sometimes after uploading a video in Vimeo library it is stuck and not processed
·         SCORM / Interactive components don't work in Safari and future Chrome versions
Some Grid elements don’t work in User, Group, Unit, and Team management (maximize, group by, sort)
·         New member can’t be added to a freshly created team without refreshing the screen
·         Personal Enrollment: 500 Server error when trying to enroll 45+ users in one batch
·         Incorrect number of Number of reviews in the Proctoring results for a proctored activity
·         Unit and group instructors don’t see “Collection” filter in reports
·         Date / time selector doesn’t fit on the screen in reports
·         When signing out from Avatar user is not signed out from the LMS
·         Cover images added by an external link cannot be edited
·         When zooming in using mouse wheel or touch bar in pdf viewer the first page of the file is shown, zoom value cannot be changed manually
·         Clicking on the profile forwards learners to management portal
·         Clicking on rooms takes learner to management portal

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