What is Picture Password?

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A Picture Password (PP) is a sequence of images, rather than numbers and letters, that can used as an alternative password method. Why do we use PP? 

  • To avoid long and tiresome login process with text or number-based password

  • Child-friendly for kids of 5 to 8 years old

  • PP is engaging and fun. Joy of using the app starts from the login process

  • Great for development of visual memory

  • Particularly useful on touch-based devices

  • Minimise a typical issue of forgetting a password

These easy instructions will help you and your learners login with PP

  1. Prior to the first lesson, make sure that the Picture Password link for your institution is activated (it’s done by the admin, in Institution Management).

  2. Find Settings for your group in Grafari Coach and make sure that PP is enabled and the link can be copied.

  3. Go to the Download Centre of your group to download and print (and possible even laminate) a PDF named Picture Password. This PDF contains a QR-code with a PP login link and a list of all students with automatically generated PP-s for them. You can cut the PP strips and hand them out to the learners at the introductory lesson. We also recommend to print parent letters for the parents to have instructions on how to use Grafari at home. 

  4. The last page of the PDF named Picture Password, contains a large QR-code with a PP login link. We recommend to print this last page and put on some visible place in the classroom. To open the link, learners have to scan the QR-code with their tablets and then use the sequence of images forming their password.

  5. If you want to demonstrate to your learners how to login with PP, copy login URL from the Settings of your group, then log out from the Coach (or use a different browser) and enter the link into the search bar. As the link opens, please show learners that they have to enter the correct sequence of images, printed on the strip you handed them out before.

  6. The PP login procedure might take a little bit longer first time, but in general, it’s proven to save teachers’ time and reduce login errors, in comparison to when learners use normal password.

  7. It’s also possible to login using normal password. Ask learners to open this link: https://schools.constructor.app and enter credentials printed on the same password strips.

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