Constructor LMS Release 89

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·         Enhanced organization of content libraries
·         Fixes and improvements
What's new
Enhanced organization of content libraries
When an educational organization has a lot of learning content, its content library may become messy and cluttered. To solve this, we introduce categories for learning content elements. Categories help authors to keep content libraries tidy and organized, and make it easier to locate necessary elements.
The key features of content categories are:
·         Content Organization — it allows authors to filter content elements in the library based on their relation to the knowledge tree or specific categories and sub-categories. It enables precise sorting and displaying of elements relevant to specific domains.
·         Role-Based Management — categories are managed by users with the Master-data administrator role and necessary permissions.
·         Hierarchical Category Tree — master-data administrators can create category trees with specific categories and sub-categories. Trees allow content authors to categorize their work effectively.
·         Unassigned Elements Management — elements not assigned to any category are listed in the root category folder.
Content categories simplify content creation, management, and retrieval.
Fixes and improvements
We’ve also introduced the bug fixes and improvements described below.
Reports enhancement
·         We have added the Group and Unit options to Primary reports. This allows instructors and managers to see all groups and units’ information and filter out data on selected groups and units only.
Identity Server enhancement
·         We have updated our Identity Server to better support unique customer domains.
Bulk enrollment
·         We have fixed the group and user enrollment pages to support selecting multiple users or groups for simultaneous enrollment.
User and user role management
·         We've enhanced the user interface for users management to align with our scalable role model. The new Staff tab within each group or unit is used to assign various roles. Additionally, the new user interface clearly displays all possible roles and enables assigning them to a selected user within a group or unit.
·         We now show the horizontal scroll bar every time when the report can’t be fit on one screen
·         Now all objectives cover images are shown in the objectives list
·         Improved how we work with Firefox and 3d-party domains. Is some cases Firefox has indefinite loop when trying to sign in
·         500 Error in some content libraries

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