First Day of Grafari in Class. Guidelines

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So, it’s your first day to use Grafari with your learners. In the articles listed here, we have prepared some tips and guidelines to help you and your learners have the best possible experience with Grafari learning application and Grafari Coach

These are the steps we recommend to follow:

    1. Grafari intro and helping learners log in
    2. Learners are logged in. What’s next?
    3. How I can support my learners during the first practice sessions. What is Grafari Coach?

1. Grafari intro and helping learners log in

1. Prior to the first training Grafari lesson, please try the application yourself. It’s important that you’re familiar with its elements and functionality (Grafari, Cockpit, buttons, the Reward System).

2. On the day of the lesson, make a quick introduction to Grafari Phonics learning application. You can enter the application from your account and share it on a projector screen. Here are some ideas of how you can introduce Grafari Phonics in class:

“Welcome to Grafari Phonics - a program that will help you improve your spelling and orthography in German. But Grafari is more than just a training program - it’s a story that will seamlessly lead you through different adventures, but first of all, of course, it’s a learning program! So, let’s start learning!”

3. Now help your learners to log in. Grafari has a fun and fast way to log your learners in - Picture Password (PP). Please read this article to know more about how to use Picture Password to log in.

4. It’s also possible to log in using normal password. Ask learners to open this link: and enter credentials printed on the same password strips. 

2. Learners are logged in. What’s next?

Guided Training

Now your learners can start practicing within a guided training mode. What exactly does it mean? Although all learners follow the same predefined order of exercise within the Module, depending on their performance, learners may skip or be asked to do some additional exercises. Thus, the program adapts to individual needs of learners and reassures that before going to more complex exercises, the easier ones are completed meeting end conditions.

Frequency and Length of Sessions

For a sustainable and effective training with Grafari, it is recommended to have 2-3 training sessions per week: they can be completed during school hours or as part of homework. A training session lasts for 10 minutes for Module 3, and 12 minutes for Modules 4 and 5. Grafari (Phonics) automatically stops the training 10 minutes after and asks learners if they want to stop or continue. Longer and multiple training sessions are totally optional.

Learners' progress is saved, and they can continue their learning journey from where they stopped their last session. Learners can view their progress in their profiles, whereas you can also track their progress in Grafari Coach.

We advise to allocate fixed time windows for working with the program. This can be defined and established in various ways. Here are some suggestions and implementation ideas:
- Part of a rotating station activity
- During their free time/ at the beginning or at the end of the lesson
- In a small group (specifically if you use Grafari to work with kids with special needs)
- As a part of homework activity 

3. How I can support my learners during the first practice sessions. What is Grafari Coach?

Learners need guided introduction to the learning program to become familiar with the login process and the program too. It normally doesn’t take more than 2-3 training sessions before learners become experienced and can work independently, at their own pace, without constant supervision. Learners who face difficulties will require more intensive support and instruction. We offer a great tool to track your learners’ progress - Grafari Coach, which is a companion of Grafari (Phonics) learning application. Grafari Coach stands out for three, most important functions it performs:

  1. Training time. You can track learners’ practice time in the Learning Board of Grafari Coach.
  2. Learning progress. Go to Grafari Data in the individual profile of the learner to see how far the learner has gone practising or which exercise they got stuck in.
  3. Learning settings. Can be set for a group or an individual learner, in case you want to make their learning experience personalised.

With these short instructions you are fully prepared to start training with Grafari Phonics. We hope it’ll be enjoyable and great learning experience for you and your learners!

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