Webcam not found

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This article provides instructions on how to solve the issue on Windows when the second step fails with the error message "Webcam not found".


Unable to start the exam because the system check has failed. The system has not detected a webcam.


The webcam has not been detected be the system.


  • Allow sites to access your camera in the browser.

    Open your browser settings and ensure that the camera permission is granted to the websites you are trying to access. Check the browser's privacy or security settings to enable camera access.

    Refer to the following article for instructions on how to allow browser access to the webcam and microphone.

  • If it's an external camera, make sure it is connected to your computer or connect it to a different USB port.

    Check the physical connection of the webcam to ensure it is securely plugged into your computer. If it is already connected, try connecting it to a different USB port to rule out any issues with the specific port.

  • Update or reinstall the camera driver.

    Note: updating or reinstalling the camera driver is not always necessary for every webcam issue. However, it is a recommended step to consider when troubleshooting webcam problems, as it can often resolve driver-related issues and restore proper functionality.

After performing these steps, attempt to run the system check again to check if the webcam is now detected by the system. 

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