How do I see my child‘s progress on Calcularis Coach?

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  1. Open the Dashboard with your parent user and open Calcularis Coach.
  2. By clicking on «Analysis» you can follow your child‘s learning progress with the help of different illustrations.
    • «OVERVIEW» shows you the progress through the number intervals and the working hours.

    • «CALENDAR» shows you on which days and for how long your child has been training.

    • «LEARN TIMES» shows for how long your child has been registered or has been working effectively. To calculate the effective learning time, intervals of more than 30 seconds are subtracted from the registered time.

    • «EXERCISES» shows you how many tasks your child has solved and how many of them were right.

      Click on the zoom in a game to see in detail when your child completed which task and which answer was given to which question. Sort the list by clicking on the headings. You can also refine the list by changing the game, the number interval or the mode. Click on the zoom at the end of the list to display the details of the task and your child‘s answer in the lower part of the window.
    • «SKILLS» shows you your child‘s abilities in the different number intervals developed:

      Meaning of colors:
      • Grey = unpracticed
      • Red = in progress
      • Orange = pretty good
      • Yellow = mastered
      • Green = fully mastered
      • Light green = was not practiced explicitly by Calcularis, because subsequent skills are already mastered.
  3. Remarks:
    • All pages can be created and printed as PDF files. If you do not see the PDF button, please maximize your browser window or scroll down.
    • On the left side of the window, you can change the time of the evaluation. Four time ranges are pro- posed; you can select any time interval with «SET DATE RANGE».

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