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How often should my child train?

Your child should set aside 20 minutes a day 3 times a week for training. After 20 minutes of training time, Calcularis notifies the student that he/she has trained enough for the day. The training should then be stopped and resumed another day. To reach the success of the studies, your child should study at this intensity for at least 3 months. When this is over, you can start to include more pauses or reduce the number of training days per week.

What do I have to be aware of when training my child?

Your child should carry out the training independently. This is the only way for the computer to accurately analyze your child‘s learning behavior. Calcularis observes your child‘s abilities and can decide by itself, which tasks he/she should practice and for how long your child should work on them. Of course, you can support and motivate your child by observing him/her from time to time. However, you should not intervene or help in solving the exercises. Explain the tasks only if necessary and if your child does not recognize how to solve an exercise after several attempts.

What support can I offer?

  • Encourage your child stick to the training sessions.
  • From time to time, ask at which level he/she is in and which games he/she plays frequently.
  • Show, that you are interested in your child’s score.
  • Check out the extra rewards from the points he/she has earned or which animals he/she has already bought and fed.
  • Hang up the sticker sheet with the completed working hours and medals at home where it can be easily seen.
  • Show your child his/her progress in Calcularis Coach once every two to three weeks.

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