Creating Custom Modules (Instructions for Teachers)

Created by Boyko Cholakov, Modified on Mon, 05 Jun 2023 at 04:19 PM by Violeta Petkova

1. Open the Cockpit at Click on «Orthograph Coach».


2. Click on the heading «Modules».


3. Click on the pen symbol to the right of «Module Name» and give your module a name.

4. Choose the language.


5. Click on the input field under «Module Name» and «Language».

6. New words can be typed into the input field and added to the module by pressing Enter. You can also copy entire word lists into the input field using the copy-paste function.

 Tip: Dybuster automatically divides words up into syllables.

Alternatively, you can divide the words up yourself using forward slash signs «/».

7. The list containing your new words will appear. You can listen to the recording of the word by pressing the green arrow. When you type in a word, Dybuster Orthograph will automatically select a recording of the word or will generate a new recording using a «synthetic» voice.

8. Recordings are ranked in the following order of priority:

a. Recording spoken by a professional voice artist commissioned by Dybuster

    b .Recordings spoken by you

    c. Computer voice


9. Once your list is complete, click on «SAVE» on the bottom right-hand side.

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