Detailed Analysis of Errors

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1. Open the Cockpit at Click on «Orthograph Coach». On the homepage, select the following:

2. Select the name of the student you are interested in and get an overview of their work via the various tabs.

3. Open « PROMPTS»



5. Open «LETTERS». Here, you’ll find information about the error probabilities for individual letters.

6. Open «MODULES & WORDS».

  • Get an overview of words practiced.
  • Which words result in the most errors?
  • Which words were learned without difficulty?
  • How many errors were made for each of the individual words?
  • How did the errors occur?
  • Where do the student‘s biggest difficulties lie?
  • On what date and at what time was the word prompted?
  • On what date and at what time did the error occur?
  • How was the error corrected?

These analysis options offer a transparent overview of learning progress and a detailed analysis of errors. The findings can be used as a basis for creating additional training modules. The chapter «Individual Adaptation» explains how to create custom modules containing specific words.

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