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1. Open the Cockpit at go.alemira.com. 

Click on «Orthograph Coach».

On the homepage, select the following:

2. Select the name of the student you are interested in and get an overview of their work using the various tabs:


Shows learning time, distribution of work and time use
Shows learning time in calendar days
Learn Times
Shows learning times as a pattern on a diagram
Shows the number of words presented to the student per learning day. Correctly spelled words, newly learned words, repeated words…
Learning Plans
Shows completed and upcoming modules within the student‘s learning plan. Modules in the learning plan can be added or deleted under «Edit». Changes must be confirmed by pressing «Save».
Shows the student‘s probability of making an error with a particular letter. A short key at the bottom of the page indicates how to interpret the probabilities.
Modules and Words
 Shows all words and the number of errors on a per-module basis. You can change the module under «Change Module». Sort the list by clicking on the column header. To analyse the errors for a particular word in detail, click on the corresponding word. Each individual input entered by the student will be shown underneath the table, along with the date. This enables errors to be reconstructed and the frequency of particular errors identified.
Error Probabilities
Shows the probabilities of errors and a short explanation of what a particular number means.

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