How can I create custom modules?

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1.   You or your child can access the «Grafari Module Editor» in the School Cockpit with your respective parent and child user names.



3. Click on the field under «Module Name» and «Language» to type in new words. You can type in each word individually or copy and paste an entire word list. Confirm with the enter key and save.




Tip: You can enter words in a foreign language. Then, add the English recording (see 6) or enter the English word as the «Title» of the word (see 7). This way, you can use Grafari as a vocabulary trainer.

4.   The list with your new words appears. The recording of a word can be played by clicking on the green arrow.

5. When you type a word, Grafari (Orthograph) automatically chooses the record- ing for it or generates a new recording with a computerized voice. Choose the desired speech recording.


 6.   If you do not like any of the available recordings, you can create your own.

 7.   Under «Edit Word» you can edit each word:

a.     You can separate the words based on your own rules.

b.     You can assign genders to the words.

c.     You can give the words titles.



 8.   Once your list is complete, please click on «SAVE» at the bottom right corner of the screen to save the module.



 9.   The module can now be used in Free Training. Choose the learning course «Custom Modules» in Free Training and then select the module.


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