How can I see my child's progress in Grafari (Orthograph) Coach?

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        1. Open the Cockpit with your parent user (see page 4) and open Grafari Coach.


        2. You can view the learning progress of your child with various graphs.


  • «OVERVIEW» shows you the working time and an interpretation thereof.




  • «CALENDAR» shows you when and how long your child practiced.



  • «PROMPTS» shows how many words were edited and which were correctly or incorrectly written.



  • LEARNING PLANS shows you the current learning level according to the teaching plan in guided training (see page 5). In the guided training, Grafari (Orthograph) adjusts learning automatically and adapts to the strengths and weaknesses of your child.




Not shown: light green modules are currently in repetition.

  • «LETTERS» informs you of the of errors and provides interpretations.



  • «MODULES AND WORDS» shows a detailed error analysis of the edited words.


  1. Which words had the most mistakes?
  2. How many mistakes were made for each individual word?
  3. Where are the biggest difficulties?
  4. On which date and at what time was the word edited?
  5. How were the errors corrected?


Do the following to evaluate the words in detail and find the most difficult ones:


        1. Click on «SELECT MODULE» and select the appropriate module.


        2. Click on the «Number of Errors» column to sort the words.




        3. Click on the words you want to see in detail. All entries of this word appear chronologically. All individual errors are displayed clearly.



  • «ERROR PROBABILITIES» shows the learning progress and provides inter- pretations. This view is useful to get an idea of overall progress.



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