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1. How often should my child exercise?

Your child should plan to exercise 20 minutes 3 times per week. After 20 minutes of practice Ortograph alerts the learner that he/she has exercised enough for the day. The training should then be ended and continued on the next training day. For the learning to be successful your child should exercise with this intensity for at least 3 months.

2. What should I consider when training my child?

Your child should complete the training independently. That's the only way for the computer to precisely analyse your child's learning behaviour. Orthograph decides how long your child should work on each game and which words should be practised. According to the correctly and incorrectly spelled words, the learning program calculates the specific difficulties and recognises what needs to be trained more and what's already learned perfectly. As soon as a word has been learned, it disappears from the repetition module and re-appears again after a certain time. Once a word has been written correctly in the repetition, it is considered to have been conclusively learned.

3. How can I support my child?

  • Motivate your child to stick to the training sessions
  • From time to time, ask which module your child is currently in
  • Be interested in your child's score and ask about it regularly
  • Ask what additional effects it is experiencing from the points it has already achieved
  • Hang the sheet with the stickers from the worked hours and the earned  medals in a clearly visible place at home
  • Every two to three weeks, show your child its progress in Orthograph Coach


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