Testing rules: what's allowed / prohibited

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This article explains what the exam rules are, how to see them in the interface, and what they mean.

Your university or organisation sets the test rules and the list of items that are allowed on your desk during the test.

Exam rules are a list of allowed (in black color) and forbidden (in gray) actions during the exam. Hover the mouse cursor over one of the icons – you will see what action it represents:

List of rules

Leaving the room is allowed
No leaving the room
Using a calculator is allowed
Using a calculator is prohibited
Using Excel is allowed 
The use of Excel is prohibited
Outside help is allowed
Outside help is forbidden
Using books is allowed
The use of books is prohibited
Messenger apps are allowed
Use of Messenger is prohibited
Use of drafts is permitted 
The use of drafts is prohibited
Use of websites is permitted
Use of websites is prohibited
Talking during testing is allowed
Talking during testing is forbidden
Looking away from the monitor is allowed
Gaze aversion is forbidden

Note: Exam rules are set by the exam organisers and should be included in the instructions given to you before the exam.

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